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Based in Gothenburg, west Sweden, Mindboom Infographics has extensive experience in a range of technical sectors, such as manufacturing, industrial, IT and telecoms, with a track record of helping small and large companies reach their clients more effectively.

We value client and project confidentiality so we don’t display specific case work on our website. We are happy to show our work upon request. Please get in touch with us regarding queries, case projects and price quotes by phone or by filling out our contact form below.

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Visual Content That Works

We specialize in transforming existing graphic content into high quality marketing materials
that will resonate with your audience and generate business demand. Working together to educate and inform your customers, we create value through a deeper understanding of your products and your company.

We discover how, why, and what we want to communicate. Giving your ideas a clever and creative starting point.
We sketch, prototype and iterate, design and test to create the best user experience.
We craft a clean design solution to bring our research and message
Achieve quality results through high usability and clear communication that speaks to your audience
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We have helped many of businesses to improve their graphic communication & visibility to get more inquiries, leads and sales, and we believe that we can help you too. To better understand your needs, please provide us with the necessary information to answer queries and price quotes.

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